Wednesday, 16 April 2014


I followed the journey of Zoe Russell's Goosebumps when she was in Canada visiting her daughter at Xmas.  My daughter also lives in Canada therefore Zoe's trip was of particular interest to me.
Zoe let us into her crafty journey too and what she told us about Goosebumps kept my interest burning!!
Once home Zoe showed her very impressive makes with the intriguing Goosebumps - I just had to get some.  It's been sitting in my craft cupboard for several months completely untouched.

This is my first project using Goosebumps and I'm really pleased with the effect.

Hope you like it too.


  1. Unusual effect Yvonne - I've never heard of Goosebumps before. Is it similar to a texture paste? Pat x

    1. Morning Pat. It's made by tsukineko and is a texture spray therefore you can get different effects depending on how fine you spray.mmit also acts as a resist. I love it!
      You will find more on Google.
      Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog xxx