Thursday, 3 April 2014

Gelli Print and Clarity Stamp Stencil and Stamps

This is the best Gelli print I have done up to now as it reminds me of an old Tapestry.

I had an afternoon of Gelli printing today and ended up with a few pleasing prints.

Once I arrived at this print I was a little bemused as to what to do with it next but I loved it!  I messaged over a picture of my print to Sam Crowe aka "The Gelli Queen" who gave me loads of ideas as to what to do next.  Thank you so much Sam.

The picture below shows the print before stamping.

So after adding the Meadowdance stamp and the Pine Forest stamp in Fern Green Archival this was my little masterpiece.


  1. Yvonne Hi, I love this and have to agree itis like an old Tapestry. Very well done x

  2. Fab print Yvonne. It really does look like an old tapestry. x

  3. Gorgeous gelli print, before and after, I love it. Hugs P xxxx

  4. Fabulous Yvonne and, yes, it does look like a tapestry. Pat x

  5. This is gorgeous:) Beautiful green colors Yvonne

    Vic x