Sunday, 5 October 2014

PanPastel Challenge - Autumn

This weekend I'm away at a Finnabair workshop up at Stockton on Tees and I suppose my project for this Autumn Challenge is sort of in the style of Finnabair (I may say different once I've completed the workshop!)

I've therefore scheduled this post and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it appears at the relevant time.

This project was so enjoyable to do, I started with a piece of card which I glued on lace, muslin, paperclip and all sorts of sundry paper clay items.  When dry I covered the whole lot with gesso.  I then proceeded to add different colours of Panpastels adding shadows with the Black.  This was all done with a dry paintbrush.

The most exciting bit about this project is that I mixed Metallic PanPastels with the Maimeri gel and it worked just like gilding wax!!!

I left it to dry and kept adding more "gilding" where I thought it was needed and once finished I added this work to the lid of a box.

Thanks for all your kind comments and interest in my blog - every single one is soooo important to me.


  1. A lovely project Yvonne,love the

  2. Beautiful and rich Yvonne, was so lovely to see you again at the weekend, ''til next time...
    Hugs xxx

  3. Oh WOW Yvonne this is lovely. What a great idea attaching it to a Box lid too you little Altered Art person you!!!! I really do like this, I wish I had got my Pan Pastels out while you were here, but we were a Tad to busy weren't we really. It was great having you at my house for a sleepover. xxx

  4. Beautiful and clever Yvonne, it looks great. xxxx

  5. this is great Yvonne. and what a great tip the gel with metallics. i have used panpastels to colour my gesso before so it blends in well with my project xx

  6. So beautiful Yvonne. What a lovely project xxxx