Thursday, 1 May 2014

Claritystamp Challenge - It's All in the Words

Well thank you so much everyone for all your lovely entries in The April Challenge - Monochrome.

There were so many good projects which made it extremely difficult to choose a Top 5, Congratulations to you all.

On to this months Challenge - and a Challenge is exactly what I made it this month!!!!  I had a project half done but needed a couple of extra items from Clarity to finish it off, the only trouble was they hadn't arrived!!!!

I then had to start again with a different project so took Barbara's tip from her blog a few days ago when she advised us to go to our stash of Gelli prints - voila!!!!  This is what I found.

Made using these stencils

I know one of the stencils is seaweed but I think it's wonderful for woodland scenes.

When I made the tag I needed something to make it stand out on the project so I tried putting it onto mesh from my stash, I really love the effect and will be using it again in the future.

Looking forward to seeing your wonderful projects again this month.


  1. Lovely art work Yvonne. The mesh is a great idea - I'll def be trying that our. Pat x

  2. gorgeous colours Yvonne, and the mesh really pings the statement out - will have to try that! x

  3. Gorgeous work Yvonne, and such warm colour tones. Just goes to show that plan B can be just is always good to have a pile of backgrounds ready for those emergency projects.....hugs...x

  4. Lovely piece Yvonne, great mix of colours and textures. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I love the Gelli print base, Yvonne, and the mesh sets off the tag so well. Great project. x

  6. I so love this Yvonne, the colour and texture are amazing! Fantastic! xx

  7. Fab project with stunning results xx

  8. brilliant yvonne. lovely colours and stunning simplicity xx

  9. well you might not have done what you intended but you still did a fantastic job - thank goodness for a gelli stash I am really loving that background - lush xx