Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Art Journalling for dummies!

Morning all.
At the moment we're going through the moving house process, with all the stresses that go with it!
I'm telling you this as part of the stress includes not sleeping.
During my last sleepless night I decided to use the time to play in my Art Journal (before all my crafting stash gets packed away),
I'd seen a page done by the talented Wendy Vecchi which I used for my inspiration.  I believe that in Art Journalling you just "go with the flow" which doesn't come easy to me but I shall continue to give it a go.  Hopefully once we are settled in our new home I can become more relaxed and free flowing!
Anyway enough of my sleepless nigh ramblings below is my page.


  1. Let me tell you ....YOU ARE NO DUMMY when it comes to doing stuff like this - its great. God luck with the house move ...and then you can teach me how to do stuff like this xxx

  2. Oh Yvonne this is brilliant.....I am with can teach me too.....hope the house move goes well and looking forward to our first retreat with Jo. X