Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Paper Clay flower

I'm a big fan of using the Sam Poole embossing folder to make three dimensional flowers as demonstrated by Julia Watts.

I'm also a big fan of Martha Stewart Paper Clay as demonstrated by Mel Heaton.

Would the two work together I thought???

See photo's below to find out.

Hels Sheridan also has the instructions for constructing this flower on her blog - wonder if paper clay would work in my Melt Pot???

Next I need to stamp on the clay before I emboss it.  I now need to experiment with colours and colouring mediums.

Next time I need to stamp on the dry clay before I emboss it.  I'm off now to spray, ink, glitter etc my flower to see which works best.

Thanks for taking a look and I'm very grateful for any messages you leave xxx